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Perforation Error

The scan below is of the 2016 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Canada 30-stamp booklet that was issued 2016 January 11. It was purchased 2018 January 25 from a franchise Post Office in Brantford.  The Postal Clerk had requested “P” stamps and received a bundle of fifty 30-stamp booklets because Canada Post was clearing old inventory. The first purchaser of these booklets called after using some of the stamps and reported that the horizontal perforations were not properly aligned between the stamps. The  Postal Clerk then checked the remaining 49 booklets and found three more booklets with the horizontal perforations 4 mm. above where they should be between the stamps.

As of 2018 May 7 there are three known complete, unused 30-stamp booklets.  The collector has also been informed that used stamps from these 2016 booklets have been sold on eBay.