The next Annual Show and Bourse is tentatively scheduled for January 14, 2023  at the Branlynn Community Centre on Brantwood Park Road in Brantford from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm. The public is invited to attend and participate in the events during the Show. There is wheelchair access at the site. The following are available at the Show:

  • Stamp exhibits (special categories for Junior and Novice exhibitors),
  • Stamp dealers (about 15) who sell and buy stamps and related material,
  • Brantford Stamp Club Sales Circuit books (stamps that members are selling from around the world),
  • Two (2) silent auctions,
  • Draw prizes, and
  • Lunch room.

There is free parking and free admission for all attendees. There are also free stamps for all youth (18 years old and younger) who attend the Show.

For general Show information contact Paul James:
Phone: (519) 751-3513
Mail: Brantford Stamp Club, c/o Mr. Paul James, 35 – 19 Hanlon Place, Paris, ON N3L 4E7

If you are interested in exhibiting at the Show, then please contact Bob Anderson for an entry form.
Phone: (519) 754-1305
Mail: Brantford Stamp Club, c/o Mr. Bob Anderson, 26-24 Hardy Rd., Brantford, ON N3T 5K6

The show location is

Brantwood Community Centre,

238 Brantwood Park Road,

Brantford, ON    N3P 1N9

Access to the Show is via the front door.  Dealers can park around the east end at the back and enter via the back door.

Major Auction

There is a major voice auction with about 75 lots held each year in the spring, usually mid April. The intent of the auction is to have better quality material available for collectors to bin on and buy for their respective collections. Only members can submit items for the major auction.

The next auction is tentatively scheduled for April 2022. A listing of the lots will be available nearer the auction date. Contact Bob Anderson at for a list.

Silent Auctions

Silent auctions are generally held prior to each meeting (close about 7:45 pm). There are some exceptions such as the meeting when the major auction is scheduled and the special meetings. See the meeting schedule for details.

This is an opportunity for members to submit items at the start of the meeting that are no longer required in their collection. Only members can submit items for the silent auction.